Friday, April 27, 2012

Ant Care

So recently I came to the conclusion that I don't know anything about ants......Thank goodness my little toddler has taught me proper care and handling of them.  Due to the seasonal changes and weather, I have the occasional ant that likes hang out in either my living room, kitchen or bathroom.  This recent minor infestation has my daughter going crazy.....Each tiny ant that enters my house gets their own special welcome.

Did you know that by blowing on ants, it actually helps them walk faster; therefore they are able to accomplish more work.

Also, they have amazing hearing, just like dogs.  If you call "come here ant," they are sure to respond.

Lastly, by piling mounds of dirt and grass on them, you are actually "feeding" them, not hurting them.

How did I have it wrong all these years???? 


  1. You are catching on, finally! A is correct, as usual. Ants do have amazing hearing. Every day, Autumn exposes more and more of your ignorance.

  2. Do they all have their own names when they're being called out? I envision an ant named "salami" in your household being asked to do special tricks like headstands and the breakdance move "the worm".

  3. This toddler sure knows her insects!

  4. As many toddlers can also tell you, they are are also tasty.