Friday, April 27, 2012

Ant Care

So recently I came to the conclusion that I don't know anything about ants......Thank goodness my little toddler has taught me proper care and handling of them.  Due to the seasonal changes and weather, I have the occasional ant that likes hang out in either my living room, kitchen or bathroom.  This recent minor infestation has my daughter going crazy.....Each tiny ant that enters my house gets their own special welcome.

Did you know that by blowing on ants, it actually helps them walk faster; therefore they are able to accomplish more work.

Also, they have amazing hearing, just like dogs.  If you call "come here ant," they are sure to respond.

Lastly, by piling mounds of dirt and grass on them, you are actually "feeding" them, not hurting them.

How did I have it wrong all these years???? 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bye Monkey

So at a routine visit to a local pharmacy, my daughter and I enjoy some light shopping.  As we are walking the aisles, my daughter shouts, "mom, it's the Curious George song."  She exhibits excitement and dances around in the carriage, clapping to the song she recognizes. 
As we approach the cash register, my daughter is looking around, trying to pin point where exactly the music is coming from. 
She hasn't quite grasped the concept of music playing within a store.  So as we are checking out, my daughter continues her frantic hunt to find "monkey George."  Unsuccessful in her mission, she comes to the conclusion that somehow this must be controlled by the one person visible to her in the store; the cashier.  So as we are leaving, she looks directly at the cashier and shouts, "bye monkey, bye monkey," and waves as fast as her hand would move.  The cashier stares back at her, reluctant to wave back unaware she is NOT the monkey, but the one who supplied the music :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The nightly line up

You always read and hear about children 18 months and up, growing some sort of an attachment to an animal or toy.  Some may refer to this as their "lovey."  Well, my daughter has FIVE (and some extras that are privileged to join the existing group)
As a parent, that means, not only do I have to search for one animal gone missing, I need to search for FIVE....yes I said FIVE.

So every night at bed time, the "fantastic five," as I will call them, must all be present and accounted for.  If they are not present for their nightly "roll call,"  all hell breaks loose, and bed time is immediately at a complete stop until that stuffed animal is found.

Not only must they each be present and accounted for at bed time, but they must be available during the nightly check.  By that I mean, once they are stuffed under the covers by my daughter, if she feels the need to take one out, they must be immediately available and ready to play.

As any good parent would, I turn out the lights in hope that the animals are all snug in bed and that is it for the night.....but it doesn't stop there....My daughter can recognize each animal by how they feel (of course they couldn't all be teddy bears) and if one is not near her hand, or decided to get cozy at the foot of the bed....again...all hell breaks loose. 

Needless to say, these animals cost me about 20 minutes of my life each night-but as long as my little one is happy and cozy, that is all that counts.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Doggie Water

So recently it has occurred to me that there are many other uses for a dog's water bowl, outside of leaving it for the dog, to quench his thirst.  Allow me to share:

It makes for a great hand-washing station....Hygiene is important, and having an accessible water station helps.

Cheaper than a water table....water tables are great for sensory experiences, but why spend so much when you have your own at home.

Makes a great pool.....Have any Little People toys or dolls???  maybe they too need to cool down on a hot day!

Not only for dogs.....Sometimes little ones get thirsty too, and well, the mommy service at home is slow....EWWW

Gotta love my baby girl for teaching me all of these :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"The Doctor"

So, good old Santa brought my daughter a doctor's/vet kit for Christmas. Immediately she felt empowered. Now able to help those in need.

Fast forward to the other day.......

After I get out of the shower, I notice a huge bruise on my shin (and we can all admit, anyone with kids this age, seems to have a lot of these)

I decide to show my daughter by "boo boo."

As any good doctor would, she immediately scurries off to find her doctor's kit. She races back to me. She is ready to save and rescue. She opens her kit and carefully studies each tool; deciding which one will get the job done.

Out comes the reflex tool (oh boy this can't be good) and BAM, directly onto the bruise on my leg. If she was aiming for the bulls eye....she won! OUCH!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Speeding Ticket

So I am fortunate enough to have my daughter potty trained by 2.5 years. There is much satisfaction in not having to continually buy diapers (after all, you are buying something to fill with well....poop.) So, here we are, off for our first road trip after becoming "diaper independent." A trip that should only take 7-8 hours.....just not on that day......

Let's start with the traffic. Sure it was a Friday evening, going thru NYC. How bad can that be? Oh and what, my daughter never mentioned her recent fear of public restrooms....oh boy!

So in an effort to be done with the hellish car ride and get to our destination, lets increase the speed a bit. "Hey wait, I say out loud, what are those blue lights?"

enter a VA police officer.....and now insert the time my daughter says she immediately has to go to the bathroom.

"License and registration sir," the officer says to my husband. Fumbling through the mess of papers that exists in my glove compartment....anxiously trying to put this nightmare ride behind us, I hear a voice from the back "mommy!!!! I have to go poo-pee." The demand gets louder and louder. I glance over at the officer, hoping that he has some sort of compassion to realize what the trip has been like and why we were speeding.

He writes us a ticket......

The voice continues to shout from the back, that poop is urgent!

(luckily the officer chuckles and tells us to appreciate this time in our lives....ok right)

so on we go. Traffic, detours, bathroom issues, and even now a speeding ticket. On we go to find a restroom ASAP. We race through and find a random, sketchy place that allows us to use the bathroom.....and of course, my sweet little toddler then states, "I no have to go." Ugh!


For all of us who have children (especially toddlers) we all understand the amusing (and even sometimes embarrassing) moments that can happen. Each day something new happens and it creates yet another story to my toddler diaries. Each day is a new adventure, and whether I am humiliated or amused by the experience, it will forever be a memory that I have with my child. By sharing our adventures in toddler hood, it will not only help us cope as parents, but help us realize, we are not alone!