Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Speeding Ticket

So I am fortunate enough to have my daughter potty trained by 2.5 years. There is much satisfaction in not having to continually buy diapers (after all, you are buying something to fill with well....poop.) So, here we are, off for our first road trip after becoming "diaper independent." A trip that should only take 7-8 hours.....just not on that day......

Let's start with the traffic. Sure it was a Friday evening, going thru NYC. How bad can that be? Oh and what, my daughter never mentioned her recent fear of public restrooms....oh boy!

So in an effort to be done with the hellish car ride and get to our destination, lets increase the speed a bit. "Hey wait, I say out loud, what are those blue lights?"

enter a VA police officer.....and now insert the time my daughter says she immediately has to go to the bathroom.

"License and registration sir," the officer says to my husband. Fumbling through the mess of papers that exists in my glove compartment....anxiously trying to put this nightmare ride behind us, I hear a voice from the back "mommy!!!! I have to go poo-pee." The demand gets louder and louder. I glance over at the officer, hoping that he has some sort of compassion to realize what the trip has been like and why we were speeding.

He writes us a ticket......

The voice continues to shout from the back, that poop is urgent!

(luckily the officer chuckles and tells us to appreciate this time in our lives....ok right)

so on we go. Traffic, detours, bathroom issues, and even now a speeding ticket. On we go to find a restroom ASAP. We race through and find a random, sketchy place that allows us to use the bathroom.....and of course, my sweet little toddler then states, "I no have to go." Ugh!

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