Sunday, April 22, 2012

The nightly line up

You always read and hear about children 18 months and up, growing some sort of an attachment to an animal or toy.  Some may refer to this as their "lovey."  Well, my daughter has FIVE (and some extras that are privileged to join the existing group)
As a parent, that means, not only do I have to search for one animal gone missing, I need to search for FIVE....yes I said FIVE.

So every night at bed time, the "fantastic five," as I will call them, must all be present and accounted for.  If they are not present for their nightly "roll call,"  all hell breaks loose, and bed time is immediately at a complete stop until that stuffed animal is found.

Not only must they each be present and accounted for at bed time, but they must be available during the nightly check.  By that I mean, once they are stuffed under the covers by my daughter, if she feels the need to take one out, they must be immediately available and ready to play.

As any good parent would, I turn out the lights in hope that the animals are all snug in bed and that is it for the night.....but it doesn't stop there....My daughter can recognize each animal by how they feel (of course they couldn't all be teddy bears) and if one is not near her hand, or decided to get cozy at the foot of the bed....again...all hell breaks loose. 

Needless to say, these animals cost me about 20 minutes of my life each night-but as long as my little one is happy and cozy, that is all that counts.

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