Thursday, May 31, 2012

Doggie Nose

My daughter has such amazing love for animals, so much that our family dog often gets lots of hugs and care.  She is very attentive to his needs and this is reflected by her constantly filling his dog dish full of food when it is empty and even "sharing" some her snacks.  Recently she took this exemplary care to a new level.
The other morning I was in the kitchen cooking my baby girl some breakfast.  The dog was outside roaming the backyard.  My daughter went outside to check on the dog and see what he was doing.  Within one minute, I hear her yelling for me. "Mom, mom.....Max needs a tissue, his nose is running."  My daughter frantically runs inside, still yelling at me to get a tissue.  After I tell her where she can get a tissue, I go and sneak a peak at the dog.  He is sitting by the back door, waiting to come in.  His nose was very wet. 
After I took a peak at the dog, my daughter runs outside as fast as she can; tissue in hand.  A minute later she returns to tell me that she took care of the dog.  She appears very proud of her accomplishment, as she is walking around the house trying to show both me and her father the tissue she used to wipe the dog's nose.  She continues to march around announcing that the dog is now "much better."  I couldn't stop laughing until I realized I have to explain why dogs have wet noses and we do not.....hmmm might take me awhile.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday is Mother's Day!  Wishing all of the moms out there the best!  We have all experienced our funny moments with our children and cherish them every day.  I just received an early Mother's Day gift.... a portrait of myself, created by my favorite artist... my daughter. 

Really kind of looks like me don't you think?.....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Here Ducky Ducky!

So in a recent visit to a local pond to feed the ducks, I was able to see how loving and compassionate my daughter is for animals.  She was in complete awe of the ducks in the pond and especially the ones walking towards her.  It is then we introduce feeding bread to the ducks.  After watching our demonstration for oh about 30 seconds, we now hear "I try it, I try it."  The bag of bread is immediately torn from my hands and now in the hands of my toddler. Within minutes, the bread is being tossed around, as if in celebration of ducks, who now needed some "confetti." 
"Here ducky ducky,"  I hear my daughter say....(not realizing that they don't respond the same way that dogs do) " Come and get your meal....."

This then continues for the next few minutes until the bread is gone.  When the tiny hand reaches in and realizes the bag of bread is empty, my tiny girl frantically searches around.....there has to be something....something to feed the ducks....

She glances down at some cereal (most likely left from the feeders before us)
and shouts out in pure delight "Yay....cereal, the ducks will be so happy."

My daughter, so happy with her recent find,is unaware that the cereal is laying gently on some duck poop.
As the tiny hand reaches down, I urge her not to pick it up.  She chooses not to listen and grabs the cereal anyway.  She lifts her hand as high as it can go, and thrusts the cereal forward......landing directly on the eye of the poor duck in search of its meal.

Happy feeding duckys!  Sorry about that :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Privacy-No thanks!

Anyone who lives with a toddler can pretty much agree that privacy was a thing of the past.  Those curious little minds of theirs are always wondering what you are doing.  Even when you think they aren't listening or watching, somehow they are.  This can be demonstrated when you hear them repeat things that may of been said on a phone conversation you are having or had (and you foolishly thought they were preoccupied with toys and television.)

And then there is the special day they gain that oh so wonderful ability to open doors.  To me, I personally didn't anticipate that milestone.  I was okay with it not happening until,

Okay, so now with this new ability, let's think of the moments we are in the bathroom.  For a tired parent of a tiny one, sometimes the bathroom becomes your own personal sanctuary as it is (or was) the one place that provided you a quiet moment.  It provided a momentary escape.....until now.

So there I was, in the bathroom, taking my moment, and in walks my daughter to ask mommy what she is doing.  I simply tell her I am using the bathroom and ask her to close the door so I can have some privacy.  So what does she do?  She closes the door, just like mommy kindly asked......yet, the only thing is, she closed it with herself still in the bathroom, as if her tiny ears heard me say, "come on in, let's hang out." 

So I contemplate the idea of getting into deep lesson of privacy, but honestly, what toddler cares about learning at a time like that; a time where they can join mommy's quiet time.  Sure I could have locked the bathroom door to avoid this situation, but the question is do I take my chances of my toddler walking in, or pounding on the door and screaming at me because of pure frustration of not being able to get in?

Looks like I need to re-evaluate my quiet place :)