Thursday, May 31, 2012

Doggie Nose

My daughter has such amazing love for animals, so much that our family dog often gets lots of hugs and care.  She is very attentive to his needs and this is reflected by her constantly filling his dog dish full of food when it is empty and even "sharing" some her snacks.  Recently she took this exemplary care to a new level.
The other morning I was in the kitchen cooking my baby girl some breakfast.  The dog was outside roaming the backyard.  My daughter went outside to check on the dog and see what he was doing.  Within one minute, I hear her yelling for me. "Mom, mom.....Max needs a tissue, his nose is running."  My daughter frantically runs inside, still yelling at me to get a tissue.  After I tell her where she can get a tissue, I go and sneak a peak at the dog.  He is sitting by the back door, waiting to come in.  His nose was very wet. 
After I took a peak at the dog, my daughter runs outside as fast as she can; tissue in hand.  A minute later she returns to tell me that she took care of the dog.  She appears very proud of her accomplishment, as she is walking around the house trying to show both me and her father the tissue she used to wipe the dog's nose.  She continues to march around announcing that the dog is now "much better."  I couldn't stop laughing until I realized I have to explain why dogs have wet noses and we do not.....hmmm might take me awhile.


  1. That's super sweet! My little girl was the same way... she still is... but when she was a toddler everything was animals! I found you on Circle of Moms and tried to follow but couldn't find a "Join this site" button on your blog. My blog is I hope you will become a member on my site! Thanks!!

    1. Thank you! Such fun with little ones! I am looking forward to checking out your blog as well!