Friday, August 31, 2012

Checking your email?????

Yesterday I performed a virus scan on my computer.  Anyone who has ever done one before knows they can take a bit of time.  I had other things around the house to do, so I left the computer on the table to complete the scanning.  When I returned I noticed things looked different.  A step stool??? hmmmmm, the table isn't that tall, so who would need a stool?  Oh, and whats that...there is an empty package of fruit snacks right next to the computer.  So I ask around....who needed a stool to reach the computer. Who was hungry while they were "computing".... It remains a huge mystery until I question my 3 year old daughter.  I asked if she was playing with the computer.  She responds with a heavy sigh (as if I am an idiot) and says, "yes, I had to use the computer." ...guess she had to check her email, pay bills, or update her Facebook status????  Mystery solved :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Either there is a grape thief on the loose, or my little one has a new skill of being able to open the refrigerator. 

Not long after this photo was taken, I heard a little voice say, "I am thirsty," followed by the sound of the refrigerator door opening.

Looks like I might need to re-evaluate what goes in the fridge and where to put it.....

Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh the things they say....

I think this is one of those posts I am going to update frequently.  At this age, kids really do say the funniest things.

The other day, we visited my grandparent's grave sites.  I bring my daughter over, and show her the gravestones.  I let her know, that although she never met them, her great grandparents are there.  She then says, "oh,, they are very small."  Silly girl, didn't realize they weren't the size of the headstones.

When my daughter sees men with chest hair, she asks my why they have grass growing on them.

And more:  My daughter somehow got it in her mind that she wanted a baby sister (little does she know they don't just lay there quietly like her baby dolls.)  So the other day, she advises me of this request.  I tell her, not now, but maybe one day.  Her response:  "Yes mom, I want one, you have to go cook one," and points to my stomach.

more to come.....

Also, here is my most recent picture.  This time I was given a crown for my head....does that make me queen to my princess :)