Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Here Ducky Ducky!

So in a recent visit to a local pond to feed the ducks, I was able to see how loving and compassionate my daughter is for animals.  She was in complete awe of the ducks in the pond and especially the ones walking towards her.  It is then we introduce feeding bread to the ducks.  After watching our demonstration for oh about 30 seconds, we now hear "I try it, I try it."  The bag of bread is immediately torn from my hands and now in the hands of my toddler. Within minutes, the bread is being tossed around, as if in celebration of ducks, who now needed some "confetti." 
"Here ducky ducky,"  I hear my daughter say....(not realizing that they don't respond the same way that dogs do) " Come and get your meal....."

This then continues for the next few minutes until the bread is gone.  When the tiny hand reaches in and realizes the bag of bread is empty, my tiny girl frantically searches around.....there has to be something....something to feed the ducks....

She glances down at some cereal (most likely left from the feeders before us)
and shouts out in pure delight "Yay....cereal, the ducks will be so happy."

My daughter, so happy with her recent find,is unaware that the cereal is laying gently on some duck poop.
As the tiny hand reaches down, I urge her not to pick it up.  She chooses not to listen and grabs the cereal anyway.  She lifts her hand as high as it can go, and thrusts the cereal forward......landing directly on the eye of the poor duck in search of its meal.

Happy feeding duckys!  Sorry about that :)

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