Friday, August 31, 2012

Checking your email?????

Yesterday I performed a virus scan on my computer.  Anyone who has ever done one before knows they can take a bit of time.  I had other things around the house to do, so I left the computer on the table to complete the scanning.  When I returned I noticed things looked different.  A step stool??? hmmmmm, the table isn't that tall, so who would need a stool?  Oh, and whats that...there is an empty package of fruit snacks right next to the computer.  So I ask around....who needed a stool to reach the computer. Who was hungry while they were "computing".... It remains a huge mystery until I question my 3 year old daughter.  I asked if she was playing with the computer.  She responds with a heavy sigh (as if I am an idiot) and says, "yes, I had to use the computer." ...guess she had to check her email, pay bills, or update her Facebook status????  Mystery solved :)

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